TENS is an abbreviation for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. This kind of treatment is used to relieve pain, like when you have hurt yourself, and there is no other way. This is done by a therapist who uses a ZoeTech TENS unit to create a range of electrical pulses in a precise pattern that the patient himself can control. This helps relieve the body from various kinds of pain and is also beneficial for improving the functioning of muscles.

TENS is very helpful for a person who has a sore back, as it gives instant relief and reduces swelling and stiffness. It is similar to the electric shavers, which have small electrodes that are stuck to the skin. The only difference between the two is that the electrical pulses of the ZoeTech TENS unit do not penetrate the skin, unlike the electric shavers. Also, the transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation unit is more expensive than the shavers because it requires sophisticated equipment that is not available in every home.

There are several different types of ZoeTech TENS unit that you can purchase according to your need and the kind of pain you have. For example, you can choose a unit with a pair of disposable patches that release a small amount of electricity every time the patch is applied. You need to apply the patches on the affected areas, and the number of patches required varies depending on the intensity of pain you are undergoing. This type of unit allows you to apply it anywhere without the need for any special facilities such as bed confinement.

The other option is the unit with a continuous supply of lead wires attached directly to the skin; it has a rechargeable battery. When the rechargeable battery dies, it can be recharged by simply connecting it to an electric outlet. The advantage of using this TENS therapy unit is that you need not spend a lot of time changing the batteries or the connections; this makes it easier to use. It also ensures that you do not suffer from discomfort when the patches are applied to the skin, as there is no need for you to wear uncomfortable patches around your skin.

You need to consider several factors before you decide to buy a ZoeTech TENS unit for pain relief. Firstly, you need to make sure that you are purchasing a unit compatible with the skin you intend to treat. For example, it may irritate if you use the TENS therapy unit on thicker skin than usual. Another important factor is that you may need to consult a doctor before buying a TENS unit for pain relief as several factors may irritate the skin, such as a skin infection, allergies or tumours. If you have these kinds of problems, you should invest in a unit meant for treating those kinds of problems.

When you have decided to buy a ZoeTech TENS unit for pain relief, there are few things you need to consider carefully. You need to determine whether you want to purchase a portable unit or one that has to be plugged into the wall. Make sure that you choose a TENS therapy patch that does not contain any harmful chemicals; remember that some of the most popular painters used to paint to mask their images on their paintings. Also, ensure that you buy a unit that FDA has approved for pain relief. Remember that the ZoeTech TENS unit is a medical device, and hence it requires FDA approval to be sold in the US.