Imagine that you managed to take the best, award-winning-level photo with perfect exposure, amazing composition, and an eye-catching subject. Maybe we’ve gone too far; so perhaps you simply managed to avoid five most common photo mistakes, and you want to hang your masterpiece in your living room for people to see and enjoy. In the old days, photo printing Adelaide was exclusively a professional’s job. They’re the ones who develop the film and turn it into actual pictures. However, nowadays, with the convenience of technology, even the common people can print their pictures through their digital cameras and onto their digital printers. So, if you’re living in this era, it’s important to know and master the art of photo printing. That’s why we prepared these five tips to help you get better results from your photo printer and print your beautiful photos with pride and confidence.

Determine the Ideal Print Size

Keep in mind that your PC is obedient to whatever you want it to do. You can tell your computer to print a photo at any size, and it will comply without any hesitation. However, that doesn’t guarantee that the results will be any good. For one, you’ll need enough pixels in your image file to guarantee sharpness at the print size that you desire. Apart from that, other factors go into print quality. However, the standard number is at least 200 dots per inch (dpi) for acceptable image quality. If you want excellent quality, you’ll be looking at 300 dpi. However, what does that mean and how can you figure out the best print size for your photo or image? Learn more about it when you click this link.

Select the Right Paper

While you can always get some stunning photo prints while using modern inkjet printers, it’s important to keep in mind that not just any type of paper will do. For instance, plain paper isn’t ideal as it tends to absorb the ink. As a result, it will wash away the colour and ruin the fine details and destroy the print’s overall sharpness. While it’s fine for text, it’s awful for printing Adelaide images. So for the best results, use the right type of photo paper that the printer’s manufacturer recommends.

Achieving great photo printing Adelaide is as easy as the ones mentioned above. So make sure you follow them well to achieve better quality prints. For more tips and guides on how to make better prints, click here.