It’s typical to see busy families cooking together out on the patio. Now, this old style of an outdoor kitchen has become a hot new trend, too. More homeowners are learning all about the many pleasures of having an outdoor-kitchens-Adelaide on their backyards. If you’re thinking about installing one in your backyard, here are a few points to consider first.

There is no better appliance choice when it comes to outdoor kitchen design and functionality than gas grills. This is because you can use them with patio dining space, which will increase your home’s value. You can also use such grills in areas with no running water, making a built-in hot tub a bit more complicated. However, if you have a separate water source on your property, such as a well or other permanent fixture, a built-in model could work.


With so many outdoor-kitchens-Adelaide on the market today, you have a lot of options to choose from, including custom designs. Of course, your final decision will depend heavily on the size of your back yard and the number of appliances you will need to accommodate it. But if you want your backyard to be the hottest spot in town, installing an enormous, barbecue-style grill will give it a distinct advantage over the competition.

Appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers have also gained in importance when it comes to entertaining. While you may think nothing of installing a fridge with an ice pack and a giant bowl of frozen peas, an additional sink will be vital to keeping your food cool while entertaining. It’s also a good idea to install a built-in microwave for those quick snacks. Before you rush to the store, though, it’s essential to take some time to measure your counter space. Not only will you need a sufficient amount of counter space to prepare food properly, but it’s also important not to cut your food preparation time down by purchasing appliances with the wrong size drawers or cup holders.

Finally, make sure your outdoor kitchen has adequate lighting. The grill is the heart of your outdoor kitchen, so you’ll want it to look as bright and beautiful as possible. A small gas or electric flame can provide a simple lighting source, but a more elaborate setup with a grill and dedicated burners is a complete kitchen experience. Ensure plenty of natural lighting because it’s challenging to see when the cooking area is crowded.

If you plan to use your outdoor-kitchens-Adelaide for both grilling and dining, there are even more considerations. A bar is an essential component of any grilling or dining experience, and you need to ensure it extends throughout your backyard. Your choice of bar height should be based on your personal preference, and you need to keep in mind that it’s usually easier to heat the grill if it’s closer to the cooking area. Dining can be more complicated than cooking, so make sure there is enough room to accommodate table furniture close together. And finally, make sure that your grill has enough clearance from surrounding structures and power lines, as smoke can quickly spread across these things if not stored properly.