Article 257

Door handles, levers and door levers come in a variety of styles and finishes. Some are very simple to install, while others are more complicated requiring special skills. Most are relatively easy to install, although some are designed for right or left-handed use. This article describes the major types of door handles, levers and door handle sets available.

Spindle-type door handles and lever-type door handles are the simplest to operate. The spindle is turned by hand or by a machine driven by a screw threading through a slot in the handle’s body. A collar, a pin or other similar device pushes the spindle into the slot, forcing it open. Most designs have a notch on the inside of the body that permits the release of a knob or pulls to move the spindle from side to side. There may also be a limit to the width of the spindle above its side.

Plate-type door handles and lever-type handles in Lo&CoInteriors Door Levers are more complex and take a bit more manual operation to operate. The levers can be turned by hand or by a machine driven by a screw threading through a series of plates that hold the handle in position. These levers are fixed to a flat plate and may have a lip around the outside edge or may be designed to be slid.

Plate-type door levers are available in a wide range of finishes, including oil rubbed bronze, chrome-plated, satin black, brushed nickel and chrome plated. They are available with or without a lip around the edge and in various sizes and shapes. Lever handles with flat plates are available in polished chrome and satin chrome finishes and several other finishes. Lever handles with plate surfaces that include raised ridges are oil rubbed bronze.

Tubular handles are another type of door handles Lo&CoInteriors Door Levers. They are generally used for patio doors and come with a tapered end that fits into the hole in the doorknob. The end is tapered so that the user can manually turn it in a clockwise motion to regulate the fluid flow inside the tubular steel handle as it is inserted into the doorknob. These are a good choice for bathroom doors because the tubular handles are durable and do not break as easily as the flat plate door handles. They are available in several different sizes, shapes and finishes.

The most expensive door handles, made of the most durable materials, are the door levers. They are available in many different designs and finish choices and are used mainly for kitchen doors. The lever handle has a long shaft that goes to the locking mechanism that holds the door handle in place when it is closed. A knob or a plate is inserted into the locking mechanism so that the user can open and close the door without having to turn it, like with the tubular handles.