As a parent, you need to know how to choose the right kids footwear. While most kids desire high-heeled shoes, most parents want a comfortable shoe that’s sturdy and stable for their child. Little do they know that the simple act of purchasing footwear for a kid entails some other considerations.

New studies have shed light on the actual act of purchasing kids footwear as many misconceptions about purchasing such footwear have been busted. For example, kids do not wear high heels because it’s bad for their feet. On the contrary, kids wear high heels because they prefer walking barefoot or in soft shoes. Most importantly, your little one’s feet wear out over time.

When choosing kid’s shoes, you need to choose footwear with good arch support. It is important because the arch of your child’s foot can develop at different stages of their walking life. For example, children with flat feet have to deal with extra pressure from the ground because of the soft and flexible fascia on the bottom of their feet. As a result, the body’s extra weight put on the bottom of the foot can cause pain and stress over time. High-heeled footwear with solid arch supports is recommended to remedy this problem.

Since kids footwear nowadays includes many features, it’s easy to get confused about which features are essential and beneficial for your kids’ walking needs. For instance, kids footwear with suction cups or grippy rubber soles may be a good idea for a toddler, but will the toddler need these features in his shoes? What about kids footwear with rounded soles so that kids can walk easily? Or is it okay to allow kids to be barefoot when they are still walking in toddler shoes?

Before you buy kids footwear, you need to know what size your kids are wearing. Toddler’s feet increase, and it’s essential to consider this size conversion before you start shopping for kids shoes. In addition to knowing the size of your kid, it’s also a good idea to take a foot measurement so that you can be sure that your kid’s new shoe size will fit them correctly. A common way of taking your kid’s foot size is by having your kid wear a pair of socks and then take that measurement.

Another critical feature to look for in kids footwear is the height of the heel. Many shoes nowadays come with as high as an inch (in some cases even up to two inches) of the heel, which is excellent if you want your kid to run around freely without being bothered by their heels getting caught in stuff. However, many parents find shoes too high-heeled for their kids, and they try to get Asics shoes with smaller heels. Keep in mind that as your kids grow taller, they’ll probably be heavier and might even need more support from the shoe. So, it’s always best to choose kids footwear with a slightly smaller heel.

Most toddlers are comfortable wearing clogs, and parents need to choose clogs for their kids to wear. Toddlers usually like the feel of the soft leather fabric, but there’s no reason why parents need to stick to that style. Toddlers can also wear casual rain boots, although not many parents want to see their toddlers wearing casual rain boots.

In addition to considering the kid’s foot size, the height of your child, and the comfort of the shoes, you also have to think about the design of the shoes. Most shoes nowadays come in different styles and designs, and parents often have a hard time deciding which ones would look good on their kids. Again, since your kids are growing very fast, you should buy shoes which don’t grow too much. You may also consider the shoes’ style because there are styles with formal attire, formal trousers, skirts, and others.