We live for sunny days like today. With the sun shining so brightly, we cannot help but feel cheerful and be of pleasant disposition! These days also always remind us how lucky we are to have A/C split system units everywhere. You can find them in most houses, offices, shops, cars, etc. so we can enjoy the sun and still feel very comfortable.



Because air conditioners are a big part of our lives, it is essential to keep them well maintained to avoid interruptions or costly repairs. Here are some signs an A/C split system unit often displays just before needing repair service. You can also read more about maintaining your split system from the Kelvinator split system guide that comes with your unit.


  1. Lack of Cold Air


The first sign is the most obvious: when your air conditioner is no longer cooling the room, you should call for repairs. If your unit’s fan is working, but cold air is not coming out, that means something is wrong. This may be due to compressor failure or the unit’s freon levels being too low. Your AC split system repair service will track the cause and restore it to proper operation.


  1. Poor Airflow


When the airflow intensity of the air conditioning unit decreases so much that it is no longer able to cool the room, the system may have completely locked. This could be because the AC unit’s compressor has shut down, or there could be an obstruction that causes reduced flow.


  1. Loud Noises


If the air conditioning split system unit starts making unusual sounds, such as grinding or scratching noises, that is usually an implication of an internal failure in the unit. Contact your air conditioning repair service professional for repair services to be performed immediately. Delaying repairs could result in a broken drive.


  1. Moisture Leaks


When the split system leaks an unusual amount of moisture, this implies that something in the unit may be broken or blocked. It is best to contact your repair service immediately to avoid further complications.


  1. Strange Smells


Foul odours from your split system can sometimes mean that your wiring insulation has burned. Find an air conditioner repair service near you to get your unit suitably wired, so it doesn’t become a fire hazard in your home.



Should you find any signs that may not have been discussed here or you need more information be sure to check and review your Kelvinator split system guide.