There’s an easy solution when you can’t decide between flats and heels for a summer event: espadrilles. Also known as wedges, these girly shoes are comfortable and ultra-chic. They go with pretty much everything. Espadrilles Australia is almost perfect – except for the fact that they are tough to walk in, at least for beginners. Like all uncomfortable fashion woes that women face in their daily lives, there are a few secret tips that you can follow to start wearing espadrilles confidently and comfortably. Continue reading as we will show you these useful tips and finally put on those espadrilles that you’ve been saving for years.


Start Small

Before you can go big; you need to start small. This life lesson is can also apply to wear espadrilles. If you’re not used to wearing them before, then there are no reasons for you to wear the ones with the highest heel. Instead, start with something small – go for two inches at the max. Get a feel at wearing high heels. Once you get comfortable, increase the heel until you reach your desired height. That way, your feet won’t succumb to injury.


Size Matters (a Lot)

Always keep in mind that you’re not Cinderella’s stepsister. There’s no reason for you to force yourself to fit in a pair of espadrilles Australia if they prove to be too tight. Squeezing your foot into a wedge that’s too big or one that’s too small is simply unacceptable. In addition, it’s also very dangerous. Wearing espadrilles with the wrong size will make it more likely for you to succumb to injuries or accidents. So be smart by wearing the ones that fit perfectly with your feet.


Add the Proper Cushioning

Keep in mind that any type of high heels – espadrilles included – can potentially damage your feet.  That’s why you need to support your feet correctly whenever you’re wearing them. You can try a pair of shock-absorbing cushions, similar to the ones you see in your department store. By inserting these comfortable cushions into your espadrilles, your feet are protected all day long.


Practice Makes Perfect

Finally, for you to learn how to walk while wearing espadrilles, all you have to do is practice. Keep practising until you perfect your movement while wearing wedges. There’s no other way around it. You have to practice. Also, just like what Nike always say, ‘just do it.’


Click here to access a video tutorial on how to walk in espadrilles Australia. You can also shop for the best pairs by clicking this link. For more shoe-related articles, click here to visit our blog page.