A lot of benefits can be gained from using a weighted blanket. It is said that weight-treated blankets promote comfort and ease during sleep onset by inducing the secretion of happy and sleep hormones via the contracting of lymph tissues and the accumulation of endorphins. Likewise, the primary concern when choosing a weighted blanket for your baby is how soft or heavy it is. The blanket should not feel too heavy since it may cause difficulty in getting the baby to fall asleep. A good recommendation would be to choose a weight-treated blanket that is a bit lighter than the baby’s current weight. For more information, check it out now.


Weighted blankets need to be properly maintained in order to make sure that they will serve their purpose. For starters, they must not be laid flat on a bed that is not firm and high. An ill-fitted blanket could cause discomfort to the child during wake-ups. Moreover, the blanket must never be left in a closed car or trunk. This is because some infants can suffocate if they are left in a closed car. In addition, babies who are taken to a hotel for overnight stays should be put in a bassinet or crib instead of sleeping in a blanket in a room.


While purchasing a blanket for your little one, make sure that you consider how long it will be used. Remember that a heavy blanket may only last for a few months because the baby will outgrow it quickly. A newborn may not need a heavy blanket until he/she gets about thirty pounds. The weight of the blanket should be adjusted according to the growth of the child. Hence, a three-month-old will require a different level of support than a baby who is already twenty pounds. For more information, check it out now.


Another vital factor that must be considered is the bodyweight of the child. According to experts, a four-year-old child needs between twelve and fifteen pounds of support. A toddler or a baby who weighs more than six pounds is required to use a heavy blanket with undergarments. Thus, if a six-pound infant uses a heavy blanket, he/ she may experience some discomfort, depending on the type and material of the blanket. Choosing a weighted blanket is all about what fits you. For more information, check it out now.


Aside from filling the blanket, there are other factors that you have to keep in mind when purchasing this essential item. First, it is important to choose the right type of filler. Some examples of popular fillers are fiberfill, seeds, feathers, fleece, wool and cotton. If you opt for a feather blanket, be prepared to spend on expensive pellets. The advantage of using these is that they provide the sleeper with a soft sensation. However, if you plan on filling the blanket with poly-pellets, then you should be prepared to spend on these as well.