Is your chainsaw blade starting to buck its way through the wood? Does it experience burning? If so, then you might be dealing with a dull chainsaw chain. Sawing through wood with a dull chainsaw blade can be both slow and dangerous. That’s why to avoid any unwanted accidents; you should sharpen your chainsaw the moment it starts showing signs of dullness. The most effective way of sharpening a dull chainsaw chain is by using a chainsaw chain sharpener. In this article, we’re going to show you some important things that you need to know when using a chainsaw sharpener.



It’s Not Scary

The act of sharpening a chainsaw chain may seem daunting, especially for beginners. However, it’s actually not as scary as what most people would think. Sure, a chainsaw can have a nasty-looking cutter that can scare you into thinking you can’t sharpen your chainsaw yourself. But if you follow the right steps, you can potentially sharpen your chainsaw without much trouble.


When to Sharpen Your Chainsaw

Apart from looking at the actual performance of your chainsaw, there are other things that you can check to determine if your chainsaw requires sharpening. One good example is checking the waste. Check the waste materials from the saw cuts. Dust form indicates that it’s time to sharpen, while chip form means that the chainsaw cutters are still sharp. A sharp chain cuts well with very little force on the bar, while a dull chain tends to ride in the cut without deepening it. Your chainsaw should cut naturally, instead of being forced. If you’re forcing the saw to cut and you need to put pressure to make the cut, your chainsaw is already dull. It’s time to grab a chainsaw chain sharpener to get your chainsaw back to normal.


Tools for Sharpening

Apart from the actual chain sharpener, there are other tools that you can use to sharpen your chainsaw. There are files that you can use to sharpen your chainsaw and get the same results as an actual chainsaw sharpener. There are two types of file that you can use: a round and a flat-file. Each offer different approaches to sharpening your chainsaw. Click this link to know more about these other chainsaw sharpening tools.


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