When you have been involved in a car accident, you will be asked to sign a document called the Affidavit of Damage. This document is legally required if you are seeking compensation from the other party or their insurance company. This is also known as auto wreckers claim sheet. You must read this document carefully as it contains essential information regarding what you should do next. It also tells you the extent of your injuries, how much the car you are driving is worth, and any medical bills you may be facing. The car wreckers and dismantlers at the crash site will use this Affidavit of Damage to determine how much compensation to pay you.

Car Wreckers & Dismantlers AdelaideIt is imperative that you fully understand all aspects of this Affidavit of Damage before signing. Many car wreckers will suggest specific terms and conditions make the process easier for you. However, it would help if you were clear about the nature of the work you intend to do with the assistance of car wreckers and dismantlers. You also need to understand what you can expect from them and what the cost will be. The document is not something that you can hand over and take away; you need to read, understand and accept it wholeheartedly before signing.

Many car wreckers can operate on a cash basis, some in one day and others working over some days. For those that work on a payday basis, it is essential to be clear about what you expect. There is often a set amount for each charge, and this needs to be agreed upon before work can continue.

Some Car Wreckers & Dismantlers Adelaide will carry out the work they are asked to do without charging any extra money. It is essential to understand if this is the case, as this can often mean that the quality of the work is less than it could otherwise be. Before allowing a car wrecker or dismantler to use your car or vehicle, it is crucial to find out all the costs involved.

Another area that many car wreckers and dismantlers will go down on is the amount of time that they take to do the job. Some will tell you how long the repair or job will take and leave it at that. Other car wreckers and dismantlers may want to work fast, but only to a certain point, sometimes very quickly indeed. Asking these questions before the work has begun, can help ensure that you know exactly what the time taken is and if the quality of the service is up to scratch.

When you are looking for car wrecker quotes, ask the company to give you a breakdown of all costs. It is essential to find this cost included in the quotes you are given as if any extra costs are added it may not come as much of an added extra to the final price.

Once you have found a car wrecker that you like and who appears to have reasonable car wrecker quotes you can now go into the small print of the contract. This is where you can expect to find hidden costs. You should carefully read through the terms and conditions associated with their quotes. Many Car Wreckers & Dismantlers Adelaide will add a surcharge for damage control, and this can include temporary bodywork, polish, waxing and the removal of any bodies or wheels. By reading this through, it can save you from any added costs, and you can therefore get peace of mind.

Always take quotes very seriously. If you were to go to a car dealer and take the same car for sale which has had a much cheaper price quoted, then you would almost certainly get ripped off. See to it that you are aware of the cost of car wreckers and who they are from before signing any contracts. If possible, visit the car wrecker yourself and look around. If you see things that don’t quite seem right, you should always walk away and try and get another car wrecker quote from somewhere else. By doing this, you will ensure that you have done your homework correctly and that you are getting the best deal possible for the car.