Artificial grass has been around for quite some time now. Its use is very popular these days because it’s so friendly and economical to install. But is artificial grass perfect for your lawn? Are there other options aside from this one? Read on to find out.

Synthetic turf in Brisbane artificial grass is a surface of artificial fibres created to resemble natural grass, especially for sports where the field is usually played on natural grass. It’s most commonly used in sports arenas, usually or originally played on natural grass, particularly outdoors. But nowadays, it’s also used in commercial and residential areas. Even though artificial turf can be used for indoor sports courts, there are still issues regarding its durability and comfort.


To begin with, artificial turf in Brisbane artificial grass may look more appealing than natural grass, but it’s not the case. Many commercial properties where it’s used to have problems with its sturdiness and comfort. This is because the heavy particles of artificial grass can wear the skin of people playing on it, and even damage the very fibres of the grass that make it ideal for such sports.

Moreover, artificial lawns tend to have a shorter lifespan than natural grass. Most of the time, the artificial turf is usually made of plastic or polyethylene fibres, which are not very durable at all. Moreover, these fibres can easily get stuck to the ear, making the turf rather slippery. As a result, they can be easily ruined when an athlete goes into contact with it. Another thing is that it can be rather noisy, causing the owners’ living space to be filled with small plumes of dust and leaves.

Furthermore, artificial grass can be rather expensive, as it requires a large amount of water in order to grow properly. So, if you’re planning to use fake grass in your backyard or the landscape surrounding your house, you better think twice about its water conservation potential. Moreover, since this kind of grass is made of synthetic materials, it can be quite noisy and can give off an awful smell resembling dry leaves. This can be quite undesirable, especially for households with children.

Despite the fact that artificial grass can’t be exactly like the real thing, it’s still more durable and suitable for most homeowners’ needs. But before installing it, you need to consider many factors first, such as the size of your yard or the area that you want covered. Next, you should know how much maintenance your lawn needs since real grass needs constant watering and other types of maintenance. Lastly, you should also consider your area’s climate since different types of lawns require different temperature and weather conditions. And finally, you should choose a material used for your lawn to make sure that it will look good and last for years.