There is a huge difference between regular and bridal makeup. The most significant difference is you do not wear bridal makeup every day. Instead, it is strictly exclusive and only worn on your special day. Regular makeup may be worn every day, whether at work, at a social party, or just anywhere, but on your special day, it is only worn on your special day. So why wear regular makeup? Click for information here.


One reason bridal makeup artists don’t wear their makeup every day is that some are allergic to it. Some people get severely allergic to regular makeup. For example, I once knew a girl who could not stand any eyeliner but loved eyeliners. On her wedding night, she had a terrible reaction to eyeliner. The next day she could not eat anything. So for this kind of makeup artists to allow themselves to use eyeliners every day would mean having to pull out their eyeliner pencils and start over again.


Another reason regular makeup artists won’t apply their makeup is that the current beauty trends and the lighting in bridal salons make it impossible to achieve the perfect look every time; in the past bridal makeup artists used to apply their makeup using heavy blush or liquid eyeliner. However, with today’s lighting equipment, bridal salons cannot even create an excellent base colour. Click for information here. You need to know what the lighting is doing to make your colour look natural.


I have seen many brides with terrible bridal makeup vision on their big day, but none of them seemed to notice. Most people in the crowd looked like they had fresh breath, but they had dark circles under their eyes. Their cheeks were hollowed, their hair was unkempt, their faces were pale, and their skin was pale. These women didn’t pay attention to their bridal planning. They failed to pick up a few beauty trends and the wedding planning, so their makeup was terrible. Click for information here.


One last reason bridal makeup takes so long to do right is that most regular makeup brands make a huge mistake. Most companies think that you need weeks or months to perfect your bridal look. This is not true! In reality, if you use high-quality products, your bridal look will be more polished in just a few days. The best way to learn about which products to use to create your perfect look, then, is to read about how makeup artists like me can get you that look in just a few minutes per day!


If you’re worried about looking “girly” on the big day, remember: bridal makeup is meant to make you look like a runway model! And the fastest way to achieve that is to start applying products even before you hit the dress rehearsal! You can constantly adjust your application later when you know your skin tone, the colour of your gown, and your exact bridal makeup type. By the time your big day arrives, you should have everything worked out and ready for your stunning appearance.