Breast reduction mammoplasty is undoubtedly the most common plastic surgery method for reducing the size of giant breasts. In a breast reduction Adelaide procedure for reshaping a disproportionate functional breast, the breast’s physical characteristics are reduced to create a balanced appearance. This method can reduce the size by one or more bra cup sizes. Sometimes the reduction procedure involves reduction of the nipple and areola as well. In many cases, the breasts appear asymmetric, with some having large amounts of breast tissue and others having little.

Depending on the breast reduction method, the patient will feel either mild to severe pain or no pain at all. For this reason alone, many patients decide not to have the procedure. There is also an increase in the risk of complications during and after the operation. In addition to this, complications such as skin reaction, allergic reactions to anesthesia and excessive bleeding can occur. Some women may experience infections, scarring and excessive skin shedding.


Before any breast reduction Adelaide surgical procedures, the medical history of the patient is thoroughly reviewed. The medical history includes information about medications taken by the patient, past medical history of illnesses such as diabetes, heart conditions, depression, suicidal thoughts, birth control pills use, and personal habits. The surgeon will review the medical history with the patient before surgery and several times after the surgery. The surgeon may ask you to provide written statements about your medical history if you choose not to disclose them beforehand. If you have any concerns or questions regarding your health before having the operation, you should discuss them with your surgeon.

Before the day you go home with your new smaller breasts, you should allow yourself ample time to prepare for surgery. For the majority of patients, this means changing clothing as well as washing and applying makeup to remove any makeup. You will also need to let your body absorb the anesthesia for a sufficient amount of time before going to sleep.

Another way to decrease the area’s size after a breast reduction Adelaide procedure is to wear two-piece clothing during the day and a one-piece at night. This allows your breasts to absorb the anesthesia longer, which can help reduce swelling and bruising. In addition to clothing, weight gain or loss may be an issue so ask your plastic surgeon if you need to lose weight before breast reduction. Your surgeon can also advise you on any supplements or medications you should take to reduce the possibility of a blood clot. Make sure you follow all of your post-operative instructions given by your doctor and closely monitor your weight and fluid levels.