There are at least nine types of air conditioning Adelaide units to cool your home. Explore the choices, make a judgment about the features you need, and decide on your residential area.

air conditioning AdelaideThe central air conditioning system is usually the largest and the most common. It consists of a compressor that contains water, cooled indoor gas like Freon, and a condenser unit. The refrigeration cycle consists of a series of stages: the water is heated to be pumped into the compressor, where it is turned into a high-pressure liquid and then compressed into a semi-freezing solution that cools the air it passes through the condenser coil. The final step is the cooling of the refrigerant and the return to a cold room. It takes quite a long time, but the result is cool, moist air in your house that stays fresh for a long time.

There are two kinds of cooling units in the central air conditioning Adelaide system – open and closed. Open systems can either be forced air or heat exchange. In the former, the fan blows air from the indoors, outside into the house, and then out again through vents. In the latter, an electrical circuit circulates the liquid refrigerant through the system through a closed system. Closed systems do not need to have their fans opened, but the system may still be powered by a gasoline engine, which is why open systems are better than closed ones.

A split air conditioning system consists of two different parts, a compressor and a condensing unit. The Freon sits in an evaporative unit in the compressor, which takes heat from the air and then returns it as cold air. As the refrigerant gets colder, the condensing unit turns it back into a gas. It is a more efficient design than the compressor and also results in more electricity being used.

If your AC has a separate fan and evaporator coil, you will need to replace the existing duct system with a new one. The size of the fan will depend on the size of your AC; therefore, you should consult a licensed heating and air conditioning Adelaide company to make sure you get the correct fan for your AC. Alternatively, you could purchase a Freon-emitting evaporator coil from an HVAC repair company.

Your existing AC must have a variable speed fan installed to provide cooling air to both the indoor and outdoor unit. The outside unit must be sealed completely because moisture in the air can condense inside it. In keeping the outside unit dry, it must be connected to the indoor unit via a duct system. The ducts could either run to a Freon collector or directly to the outdoor unit. The outdoor part of the split air conditioning system may need air vents to allow for an efficient indoor/outdoor airflow.