Many Australian farms are using silage covers nowadays. The reason is mostly due to its practicality and efficiency in preserving silage bales. The silage-baling concept came about when farmers and ranch owners realised that the outdoor elements like moisture and air could quickly affect the quality of silage during the storage process. The consequences of overexposure to the outside elements include lost nutrients, mould growth, excess dry matter, and even potential spoilage. If you don’t use the right baling product, your silage will accumulate more spoilage than it should. That’s why you must use SilageWrap silage covers. This bale-storing product ensures that your silage will develop into healthy and nutritious fodder for your farm animals.


The Advancement of Baling Products

Technology is slowly making an impact in solving storage issues. One of the most notable contributions in modern-day farm innovation is the rise of plastic silage covers. If you interview owners who have been taking care of their farms for over decades, you’ll learn from them the various benefits and advantages that come with using plastic silage covers. This baling product is a cost-effective solution since they’re relatively less expensive and are easy to produce. They are also available at any hardware store. That means even small farmers can avail them.


What Happens When You Switch to Silage Covers

If you switch to plastic film to cover your forage, the sheet will need weight reinforcement. You will usually use weights like tires since they can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. At the same time, they’re also readily available. Keep in mind that when position your tires, make sure you place them close to each other. That way, they will come into contact. For example, in a two-hundred square feet space, you need to use at least 40 tires as weights. It will make a lot of sense to cut the tires in half and place some of them in the open portion. That way, you can prevent water from pooling over your plastic-covered silage. While this is happening the SilageWrap silage covers will protect your silage from moisture development and avoid any foreign elements from infiltrating inside the cover.


So as you can see, SilageWrap silage covers are the real deal when it comes to effective baling. By using this innovative product, you can achieve success in baling and producing healthy animal feed. Switch to silage covers today! Check out our website now to make your order.