Got a growing family? Does the space inside your home feel a little cramped? How about adding a pergola in your backyard? With careful planning and construction, pergolas Melbourne can extend your living space at a fraction of the cost of room addition or a home extension. It is a beautiful outdoor room where you can place outdoor furniture, potted and hanging plants. It can be a place for relaxing and unwinding from the rigorous day’s activity – add natural shade by planting flowering vines and let them intertwine among the beams, and you’re good to go!

Outdoor spaces such as a pergola Melbourne are designed to provide a natural flow between your home and your garden. Since it is outdoors, you get the benefit of breathing a lot of fresh air. The garden furniture you will be installing sill also be safeguarded from discolouration or mildew and by adding shade you can as well leave them outside year-round. It’s going to be a splendid place to relax and have fun with your family and friends.

Pergolas come in many sizes and shapes. The design possibilities are endless. You can install one on either side of your house for even more room for your growing family. You can designate one as a kids’ playroom, and you’ll never have to slip and slide while stepping on a Lego block!

Here are some elements of planning and design you can do that would make it a fantastic feature of your home.


You can build it adjacent to a living room, dining room or casual kitchen.


It can be made of wood, steel or composite and painted or stained to match your home.

Add a Roof

You can add a roof rather than the typical wooden beams. It can be covered with basic corrugated plastic or roofing materials and heavy-duty gutters. The roof can be opaque or transparent, or a mixture of both, offering the right mix of shade and light.

Choose the Right Flooring

Since a pergola is pretty much an extension of your home and let’s say you have a polished wooden floor in your home, then try to choose the floor type for your pergola that would not be a stark contrast to that. A wood deck that matches the colour of the floorboards of the interior room would be a good match but so could natural stones or pavers close to the colour of your floors. You will see that by complementing the floors of the two spaces, the pergola will lose that after-market perception and appear that it has a part of the home from the beginning.

As mentioned above, pergolas Melbourne can be a significant asset connecting your interior to the outdoors. However, they are not an easy DIY project, and you have to hire the best pergola builder. There are many local home improvement builders, but not all can provide quality construction services. Therefore, be sure to hire the best pergola builder to get the best results.